A lot has changed

This is very late in posting, but as of last semester I have official changed my major to Studio Art. This doesn’t really change anything expect that I will know be graduating in December of this year and I won’t be a certified teacher when I do graduate.

Next week will be my first completed semester as a Studio Art major and I can honestly say that I probably should have changed my major years ago. I love teaching, but the American school system is just to much for me to want to get into it. For now I am going to finish out the rest of my semester and my victory lap. I’m going to make more are and have a senior show. I’m going to intern at the Smithsonian again this summer. I’m going to apply to grad schools and you know, I have never been more happy to see what comes next.


Working in an Art Museum



This is me on my last day of working for the Smithsonian. Out of all the many jobs that I have had over the years, working for SAAM (Smithsonian American Art Museum) has been the best and most eye opening job. I have known for a while know that I want to work in museums, in fact I’ve decided that I want to help change museums so that they can have more events and exhibits that are more diverse and inclusive. Now, working for SAAM was not my first time working at a museum. In fact two years ago I worked for a local museum in Fort Worth, and that was fun but I didn’t learn as much there as I did at SAAM.

Working in an art museum, especially in the education department, challenged me to think about in a different direction. Since I am an Art Education major I have been taught how to think like and artist and a teacher, which is great and helped me with my internship, but at SAAM they pushed me to take that thinking to a new level. The goal is to not just show people art and recite information to them, but it’s to really help them connect to the art and the artist in ways that relate to their real lives. I’m not trying to say that art teachers don’t do that, but this was at a different level.

For my internship I had a mentor and she taught me a lot. She introduced me to new teaching and thinking styles that I can’t wait to show everyone here in Texas and she did everything that she could to give me a chance. I learned and modeled my work along the lines of this learning method from Harvard called Project Zero. In general, Project Zero is about give people the chance the tools needed to see how they are thinking. It’s about knowing how and why you got to the answer. The work I did for SAAm required me to think about learning in an art museum in a different way. Since I’ve been back and started the school year, I have noticed that I’m still thinking that way.

Another aspect about working for an art museum is that I I could talk art history with people. That’s not to say I can’t do that at home, but it was different there. At school and in the art department, unless someone is an art history major, a professor, of a studio art major (and even then it’s kind of a push) no one wants to take art history with me. But thing with SAAM was that, we had to talk art history. In order to tell people about the works you had to know the background behind them, the artist and the time it came from. Without that knowledge you were screwed. I learned a ton about American art and figured out along the way that, out of all the art in the world, I like American art a bit better. Maybe I’ll write something later to go in deeper explanation of that but the just of it is that, there is more to American art. It’s not all the same even if the subject is. There is literally so much to American art, especially in contemporary craft, that I know I what I learned didn’t even break the surface.

Long story short, working at SAAM for two and a half months was a game changer and eye opening. I like and want to do in-gallery work in the future so I can really communicate and work with the general public; I want to work with American art because there is just so much to it; I am going to keep using the new mind set and thinking skills that I learned while there; and I want to make better art. Being surrounded by works from people who are considered so important that they have to be apart of the Smithsonian collection has given me the push that I think I needed. I need to take more time with what I’m making, consider all the directions I can go and just emerge myself in the process. I don’t necessarily want to have my work placed in a museum, but I would love to work in one again.

Upcoming Posts

To whom it may concern:

I know that not many read this blog, but I just thought I should post this because I can. Anyway, I did an internship this summer, and I though that I would be able to post about my time in DC more. BUT it turns out that I was way busier than I thought. So, be prepared, because in these upcoming weeks/days I will be posting about some of my adventures that I had this summer. So buckle up buttercups, it’s gonna be an interesting ride.

First Cast in Bronze Casting

Here is the first set of items that I have made for my Bronze Sculpting Class. Right now our class is kind of behind in projects but these next couple of weeks have been kicked into high gear so I should have more things to post soon.

The objective of this project was treat four miniature items. They had to be an architectual structure, a well known sculpture/3D art, an item from your wardrobe, and a plankton. I am starting to discover that bronze casting is a patient man’s game.

Jacob Lawrence Project Update

Last month, as many people know, was Black History Month. In honor of that I created a Jacob Lawrence Project (link to original post) for my students and y’all, it was a success!

Not only did my student really enjoy the project, they also took the subject matter seriously and asked questions. I am supper proud and excited for how they’ll take the rest of my projects for the remaining school year.

The objective of the lesson was for the class to use pictures from the Civil Rights movement and paint them in in the style of Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series. The only catch was that they had to include colored paper somewhere in their project, making it a sort of collage. The results of this project have made me so proud! Here are some pictures of some of the pieces compared to the original.






March with Selma


King’s Speech

This project was very opened ended and I was amazed by how each student decided to approach there task. It was also interesting to see how some of them started. Most painted parts of the picture first (we used tempera paint and acrylic so it dried fast) and then added the paper. There was a handful of kids that did the complete opposite. I also think that the minimalist aspect of this project really gave them more range to work with. Its always interesting to see what you will get when you tell children to just go for it.

All the paintings on display in the classroom


License and Registration


I hate driving. Every time I get behind the wheel, I don’t know if I will make it home. Every time a new video about police brutality released, I cry and have to work up the courage to drive so I can complete any errands I have.

The purpose of this painting is to make an impersonal piece of personal information personal again. Think about it, when you look at someone’s license if doesn’t really tell you who they are as a person. It doesn’t tell you their interests, their relationships, or their hobbies. A license, or most IDs, give other people a free pass to make assumptions about who you are as a person. For me personally, this can lead to racial profiling that can have life or death consequences.

Since making this painting, it’s actually sparked a lot of conversations with people on campus. I attend what some might considered to be a conservative school. I mean, they try to be accepting and such, but this is Texas. There is only oh so much the school can do. Anyway, the general response has been positive. People on campus seem to like my reasoning for making this painting. I’ve decided to make this a series and do the licenses of different people. I plan on asking one of my best friends and my boyfriend’s mother. If I can do this right, then I can help other minorities like myself show people that we’re really not that different from them.

Film Star!

That title is very misleading, I am not and (hopefully) never will be, a film star. It seems like that’s to much pressure. By film star, I mean that I am currently helping two friends with two movies. As a kid, I always wanted to be a movie director and now I’m an art student. I’ve also always loved going to the movies, my boyfriend and I love to watch movies at home and in theaters. Hell, we’ve made it a tradition to go to an action movie every Valentine. It’s not flowers and chocolate but it works for us.

Back to the topic, J asked that I help him out with an art favor. Essentially he just needed me to make some caricatures for him real quick for a new film he was working on. Being the good friend that I am, I made 6 caricatures for him, color included, in two days while working with a medium that I don’t have much practice in. Now, I won’t be paid for this since it was a favor, but I am getting my art on scene and I’ll be credited in the movie and get free tickets to the premier so it’s a pretty good trade. The pictures turned out great and I’ll post them later, since the film is still production, but I’ll probably do a lot more work in marker now.

The second film I’m currently working on is an original piece by my friend Gabe. As of last week, I am the official Artistic Director of a short film.  Usually I work more with staged productions and not film, but hey this seems like a cool chance. I don’t know much about my job but Gabe has said he’d help and be patient with me. So far my job has been like the usual stuff that I do when working in theater. Find the props, make sure everything and everyone looks nice, and don’t go over budget.  I’m going to do all that I can to help my friend out in this and this will also be really cool to put on my resume. We’re suppose to start filming soon, and I’m going to be sure to post texts and picture of what I can and am doing for this. So far my 2017 in starting in a interesting direction.