2020 Update

This year has been crazy and right now America is having a revolution while dealing with a pandemic. To help some of the organizations that are working hard in these times ( like the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund) all stickers and buttons can be purchased here. Bellow is a listing price.

If you see a print that you are interested in from this project, please contact me directly.


General Info

The Canuseeher Project consists of original stickers, buttons, and prints of female Civil Rights Leaders who played important roles in the fight for rights, but are constantly left out of the conversation or under appreciated. Please note that what refering to Civil Rights this does not limit the time period to the 1950s and 1960s.

Half of all proceeds made from items apart of the Canuseeher Project will donated to the following Black Charities:

The rest is used to fund the project. If you would like a care package of what is currently available and/or make a donation to the project, please contact me either through email ( lil98kid10@gmail.com) or the Canuseeher instagram.

please follow the Instagram (@canuseeher ) for more updates on the project.