Hey look Ma, I made it.

On Saturday, December 15 at 9 am I graduated from Texas Christian University with my BFA in Studio Art. Why does this deserve a blog post you might ask? well, because it has been a long time coming for any this to happen.

Me and my degree

When I first started college, I entered as an Art Education major. I had absolutely no confidence in my skills as an artist, but was okay with teaching others about art. So I figured, I could just be a teacher and figure out the rest from there. Then I got into the College of Education. I’m not saying that it’s a bad school, but it just wasn’t a good fit for me. Technically, I was suppose to graduate this previous May, but last December I made the life changing decision to change from Art Education to Studio Art.

When I was younger I always believed that one of the worst things I could do was become an Art major in college. I didn’t want to be poor and I didn’t want to be weird like the characters that I had seen on TV. Look at me know. I don’t regret having to graduate a semester late and I don’t regret making the change. I had my fist out of state show (in New York mind you) and a solo show. I put myself out there in the art world and got some traction. I have my degree in a subject that I love, I start a new job at a museum that I love in the New Year and now I just have to apply to grade school.

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