Jessica Marie Johnson

DOB: May 17, 1995

Economic Class: Middle

Restriction: Myself

Designated Deed: Intern, Grad Student


I don’t like people who say blue lives matter, they don’t get the movement. I think there are good cops, my friends’ parents are cops—the issue is that there are bad cops that don’t get punished. It’s okay to say fuck the police, especially in an area where they are known for being prejudice and violent towards people of color. I do think we need cops, but we don’t need a system where bad cops aren’t punished for their actions. When a person of color dies most people (who say blue lives matter) don’t care but when it’s a white lady that is killed by police brutality, they all of a sudden care. It’s not right.

In general, I want to make a positive impact on the world and promote diversity in art. People think that I like African American art because I’m African American; I do like it, but I really love British art.  I want people to perceive art made by POCs on the same level as white people, to see things on an equal manner. POCs have done a lot and are the backbone of this country. I want to make myself proud. I always put a lot of pressure on myself and I am constantly trying to prove myself. I want to learn to be proud of myself and content with my accomplishments. As a person of color, I feel like I have to constantly prove that I deserve the right to be where I’m at and keep moving forward to the next best thing. I desire to be ambitious for myself, not to just prove myself to others.  My goal is to be satisfied with what I accomplished, I want to break certain molds and be a role model for kids of color.



Adam William McKinney

DOB: Oct. 16, 1976

Economic Class: Middle Class Artist

Restriction: FAG

Designated Deed: Artist, Art Educator, Dancer, Choreographer


Racism is fucked up. Based on my personal experience, people make assumptions about who I am based on phenotype. I encounter racism on a daily basis. It seems that people are scared of me, don’t where to compartmentalize me or my experience, or are just confused by me. I have asked my white colleagues if they experience this and they told me that they have not. Racism is real and affects me negatively. I hope that people will take away the fact that I am a person and that I feel that I have family, that I am real, and that I care. My hope is that, through this project, people might learn something new. My hope for this project is that it might dispel assumptions around race, gender, and sexuality.

I want to have kids, to live on a house with land and have a garden. In a community, to have an art center tha prioritizes young people, in particular young people of color. I wanna live close to my family. I want us to be able to share resources, and subverting the capitalist notion. So that we can pull our funds together and support each other and stay close and connected. When I’m with my family, it is easier to  remember who I am. My own ID is more accessible when I’m with my family.




Robert R. Rangel

DOB: Sept. 16, 1962

Economic Class: Upper Middle

Restriction: Atychiphobia

Designated Deed: Police Officer


My most important relationship is with God. My second to that is my immediate family, especially my wife. My wife is the most important person in my life, next to her are my daughters, all three of them, and the extended family members. My sister, I have one surviving sister, her husband and numerous cousins. That’s kind of my foundation I suppose and the police officers.

I’ve been a police officer for thirty four years and I have a great deal of respect for people who do the job and for the kind of people I have had the privilege of encountering. Like any group of people there are some that are not so nice, and maybe they shouldn’t have been cops. But I can honestly say that the overwhelming majority of people that I have met under serving with are really really good decent people who would sacrifice their lives for people they don’t even know. That says a lot about the character of a person, even the bad people, even the ones that are worse, I see a redeeming quality because even the worst people I’ve worked around are just decent human beings who are still willing to give their life up for someone else. How bad can you be? There’s something in there, maybe deep, may be very deep, but there is a redeeming quality.




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