Roommates part 1

I have had roommates before, freshman year of college I had two roommates in a forced triple and then I roomed with a friend during my sophomore year, plus when ever I went to camps and such and we had to share rooms them. Now usually I’m fine with roommates, we all get along and I make some new friends.

The same can not be said for my time in DC.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they have complaints about me too, I don’t even think for a second that I am the best person to live with, but I will still voice my complaints. First off, there were three of us living in a forced triple, which cool I’ve done that before and I could do it again. I was mistaken.

On move in day I got to our place first, so first come first served I got to pick my room. There were two rooms, one with one bed and no windows and another with windows but to beds. I chose the one with no windows and started to unpack. A while later I met my first roommate, so privacy sake we will call her Rose.

Now Rose had her mother to help her move in and they were very nice people, but then they noticed that there were only two rooms and the one left had two beds in it. When registering for the room, I figured something like this would happen because of the description on the GW website, Rose on the other hand did not. So to fix the “problem” of having two beds in a room, Rose and her mother moved the other bed into the living room. Which is connected to the entry way and the kitchen. I chose to stay in my closet bedroom and just left things happened, A few hours later Mary, my other roommate arrived. She like Rose, had been shocked by the living arrangements, especially since her bed was in the living room, and this led to our first roommate meeting. It went something like this.

Rose: I just can’t believe we don’t all get our own rooms! This is not what they advertised on the website.

Mary: I know right.

Me: *In my head* This is exactly what the advertised. 

Me: *Out loud* Yeah, well I guess we’ll just have to make the most of it.

Rose: *To Mary* Since Lillian already chose the other room, my mom and figured that the way this room *points to her room* would not work, so we moved you bed out to the living room. It should be fine since you have a lot of natural light and stuff, I hope you don’t mind.

Mary: Well, it should be fine. I’m sure we can work something out.

Rose: Oh I know! We can work out a rotation chart and change rooms every so often!

Mary: Oh that’s a brilliant idea.

Me: *blinks, forces a smile, mumbles something about unpacking, walks back into my room away from the nonsense.*

I am happy to report that we did not make a rotation system.


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