Last first day (of undergrad)

Today is the day. Today is my last first day of undergrad. Now I know this should seem like a bigger deal because, yay I’m going to graduate this spring, but at the same time I’m not that excited.

When I was little my mom never did the take a picture of their first day of school so we can always remember this. So in turn she didn’t do the it’s your last first day picture take a picture so we can remember this tend that is going around the inter webs. I know that to some that might sound weird, but my family isn’t one of those where every moment must be recored or captured for the future. We kind of just go with the flow.

Anyway, as I said before this is (technically) my last first day. After this semester I will be a college graduate which means I have to go into the work force and actually act like a real adult. Nerve-racking, yes, but I think I can do this. After living on my own for a summer, in a chocolate city no less, my confidence has really grown. I’ve done work that I didn’t dream of being able to do until I was in my thirties. I have connections at one of the largest museums in the US. I know (kind of) what I want to do in my life and I’m not going to let anything or anyone stand in my way.

So yeah, it’s my last first day, but it’s gonna be one hell of a year.


Home again

It has been about four days since I came back home to Texas and y’all I missed this place. When comparing living in the city to the suburbs there are a lot of differences and I could instantly see them when I got out of the airport.

First big difference, highways. Yes they are a thing in DC but in DFW, taking the highway is (on a good day) the quickest way to get from Dallas to Fort Worth. Which means a car is a necessary part of life. Now I will miss the not having to drive myself everywhere and not spending gas money, but when I think about how much I spent to fill my metro card and how much I spend on gas it’s basically the same amount.

Another difference is that compared to DC at least, Fort Worth is a little bit greener. We are no where close to being a concrete jungle so there are plains and grass and trees just about everywhere; and yes that means allergies are a gift from the devil but hey at least it all looks pretty. Now I will miss how close everything was and that I could literally just walk everywhere but one thing I am happy to have back is some damn good hispanic food.

DC, your great and all but y’all don’t know how to make tacos and that in itself is tragic. In fact, when my boyfriend picked me up from the airport his mom sent him with a bag of conchas for me. I almost cried, it had been months since I had conchas. I missed them so much.  But not as much as I missed my friends and family (ha, bet ya didn’t think I’d get to them did ya?).

I did make good friends with people while in DC, it wasn’t the same as the ones that I have here. I love my DC friends but we only had two and a half months to get to know each other. For me, it can sometimes take time for me to build really strong relationships. I’m friendly with just about everyone, but the friends and family that I have in Texas are the people that I know I can trust. I think the big reason for this was because I knew that my time in DC wasn’t permanent. Since I wasn’t planning on staying in DC long term I didn’t feel the need to set up roots. That will probably change in the future when I actually do move to a more permanent place but until then, I’m just happy to be home.

Upcoming Posts

To whom it may concern:

I know that not many read this blog, but I just thought I should post this because I can. Anyway, I did an internship this summer, and I though that I would be able to post about my time in DC more. BUT it turns out that I was way busier than I thought. So, be prepared, because in these upcoming weeks/days I will be posting about some of my adventures that I had this summer. So buckle up buttercups, it’s gonna be an interesting ride.