Week Three in DC

It has been like three weeks since I posted to this and it has literally been because I have been go go going since I got here. My mentor got back and she is so sweet and cool. Also the Renwick Gallery is AMAZING. There is a piece called Ghost Clock and OH MY GOD IT IS SO COOL!

The other part of this internship is that I have been walking everywhere and having a lot of private mini adventures. Where I live is pretty close to the monuments and I’ve taken to using my free time on the weekends for going to museums and walks on my own and bringing my art supplies. So far my time here has been really nice.


Day One and Done

Today was the day, my first day working as an official Smithsonian American Art Museum intern and it was fantastic!

I was able to navigate the metro just fine and actually got to work early, which was good since we had a meeting for us stipend kids. So I got to meet my fellow interns and they are all pretty nice. Since my mentor is on vacation this week, I have been left with a binder of things to do this week as well as what my tasks will be for the remainder of the summer. After looking it all over I filled what I needed into my planner and then went on a gallery tour of SAAM to better familiarize myself with some of the art I will be working with.

While today was pretty chill, I am not going to delude myself into thinking that is how the rest of my summer will be. What I am doing (which I will not directly discuss on here because I’m not to sure if I can yet) is going to take a lot of hard work and (hopefully) some research. Yeah, you read that right, I want to have to do some research for this. But hey, you would to if you had access to the Smithsonian Library and Archives, plus whatever online resources they have. Ever since I wrote that one term paper for my art history class, I have found myself getting more and more into the research side of art history. Personally, I do not see a problem with this.

Anyway, back to my first day. The gallery tour I went on was my first time setting foot in SAAM and let me tell you, there is a whole tone of art. Since my mentor out this week, I talked to my psedo-mentor and she agreed with me that going off for a bit each day this week and exploring the museum would be beneficial. Then on Wednesday, I’m going on a gallery tour of the Renwick Gallery. I’ll try to upload photos of the things I see but for now you’ll just have to imagine it or go to the museum’s websites.

Start of something new

I made it to DC and I made it to my dorm. I’ve walked around the city, found a rout to work, and I have a semi layout of how things work in getting around the city. That is all to say that I am still terrified about my new found independence and I’m starting to doubt everything that I know.

I got to college like 20 minuets away from my house, so this, living in DC by myself and having to fend and manage for myself is my first time living on my own. Sure I have roommates but my parents are literally a 4 hour flight away instead of a call away. But it’s not al bad, since I have a stipend that will help with paying for things and such. Hopefully this first week will go well.

Wish me luck!