First Cast in Bronze Casting

Here is the first set of items that I have made for my Bronze Sculpting Class. Right now our class is kind of behind in projects but these next couple of weeks have been kicked into high gear so I should have more things to post soon.

The objective of this project was treat four miniature items. They had to be an architectual structure, a well known sculpture/3D art, an item from your wardrobe, and a plankton. I am starting to discover that bronze casting is a patient man’s game.


Jacob Lawrence Project Update

Last month, as many people know, was Black History Month. In honor of that I created a Jacob Lawrence Project (link to original post) for my students and y’all, it was a success!

Not only did my student really enjoy the project, they also took the subject matter seriously and asked questions. I am supper proud and excited for how they’ll take the rest of my projects for the remaining school year.

The objective of the lesson was for the class to use pictures from the Civil Rights movement and paint them in in the style of Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series. The only catch was that they had to include colored paper somewhere in their project, making it a sort of collage. The results of this project have made me so proud! Here are some pictures of some of the pieces compared to the original.






March with Selma


King’s Speech

This project was very opened ended and I was amazed by how each student decided to approach there task. It was also interesting to see how some of them started. Most painted parts of the picture first (we used tempera paint and acrylic so it dried fast) and then added the paper. There was a handful of kids that did the complete opposite. I also think that the minimalist aspect of this project really gave them more range to work with. Its always interesting to see what you will get when you tell children to just go for it.

All the paintings on display in the classroom


In the works. . .

So, I am about to maybe start on a new project. If all goes well, this new project could turn into my new independent study for next semester. Now prep for this project is gonna take me a while. I’m going to have to do research, interviews, sketches, measuring, more sketching and so many other things. Depending on how things go I might post some of the pre stuff here (even if not many people read this).

Wish me luck that everything goes well, and it’s time to start a new chapter of my art life.

Snickers the Chihuahua

I was in the mood to do watercolor, so I painted my dog, Snickers. I haven’t really done watercolor since last summer, so this was a fun quick picture to do. In order to avoid having to buy new colors, I decided to just paint Snickers very colorful. This was very relaxing and I think I’ll be doing more watercolor in the future.

I also figured out how to make my logo into a watermark on photoshop! This might not seem like a big deal, but as someone who doesn’t know a lot about technology, this is huge to me.