Film Star!

That title is very misleading, I am not and (hopefully) never will be, a film star. It seems like that’s to much pressure. By film star, I mean that I am currently helping two friends with two movies. As a kid, I always wanted to be a movie director and now I’m an art student. I’ve also always loved going to the movies, my boyfriend and I love to watch movies at home and in theaters. Hell, we’ve made it a tradition to go to an action movie every Valentine. It’s not flowers and chocolate but it works for us.

Back to the topic, J asked that I help him out with an art favor. Essentially he just needed me to make some caricatures for him real quick for a new film he was working on. Being the good friend that I am, I made 6 caricatures for him, color included, in two days while working with a medium that I don’t have much practice in. Now, I won’t be paid for this since it was a favor, but I am getting my art on scene and I’ll be credited in the movie and get free tickets to the premier so it’s a pretty good trade. The pictures turned out great and I’ll post them later, since the film is still production, but I’ll probably do a lot more work in marker now.

The second film I’m currently working on is an original piece by my friend Gabe. As of last week, I am the official Artistic Director of a short film.  Usually I work more with staged productions and not film, but hey this seems like a cool chance. I don’t know much about my job but Gabe has said he’d help and be patient with me. So far my job has been like the usual stuff that I do when working in theater. Find the props, make sure everything and everyone looks nice, and don’t go over budget.  I’m going to do all that I can to help my friend out in this and this will also be really cool to put on my resume. We’re suppose to start filming soon, and I’m going to be sure to post texts and picture of what I can and am doing for this. So far my 2017 in starting in a interesting direction.

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