Music and Art

It’s not uncommon for an artist to listen to something while they create. Hell, I have about ten playlists on my Spotify alone that I jump back and forth to when I’m working on a new project. Music has a very big influence on how I as a person am feeling at that moment. It helps me clear my head from all the worries of everything else in my life and focus.

Personally, my music tastes are pretty much everywhere. Most days I stick to Pop of Indi or Alternative, but there have been days where I jam out to Blue Grass (Wood & Wire are my favorite band) or get lost in the words of Rap ( my boyfriend has gotten me into Kendrick Lamar). When I’m feeling nostalgic I’ll croon along with Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald. My parents made sure to instill a love for all music as I was growing up.

In general, music is a large part of my life and as I’ve gotten more involved in the art world, that involvement has only grown. It’s gotten to the point that when I make a new lesson plan, I make a new playlist to go along with it. In fact I’m listening to my Shazam playlist while writing this post!

The point of this post is not to just tell you about the music I listen to but to explain what listening to music does for my art. In the past, I’ve tried painting in silence and that really didn’t work out to well. If there are other people around I’ll talk to them instead of working and if no one is around, I let something else capture my attention. In laymen’s terms, music helps me focus. The days that I forget my earbuds when I go into the studio are the worst. My usual response to forgetting my earbuds is to turn around and go get them, if I have enough time, or go to the closest store and buy yet another pair. Essentially what I’m trying to say is that without music, I wouldn’t be able to make half the pieces in my portfolio.

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