I am a painter.

This is a fact that have become very obvious as I continue my education in college. I like to paint detail work and mixing colors is way more enjoyable then it probably should be for me. I can say with out a doubt that pealing away painters tap after finishing a painting is one of the most satisfying feelings.  Some of my work has even been displayed in galleries. But here is the thing about being a painter, it takes a lot of work.

You have to have the patience to be able to sit in front of the same image, sometimes for weeks on end, and finish it no matter how annoyed or uninterested in it you may become. Painting also requires being able to mix and match colors. To know which brushed to use, what technique will work for making that one shadow that’s off, what size surface will you be painting on, how much longer can you keep using that one tube of paint before it runs out, and how much food money can you spare this week to go get new paints?

I know that other artists have some of the same thoughts when it comes to there own art lives and I know that not all painters go through what I do. Painting is the best way that for me to be able to express what I need. It gives me a chance to mess with colors and it makes me happy. I might be messy with my painting at times, but at least I know who I am and I’m having fun with what I can do.


“Is being an art student really that hard?”

Damn straight it’s hard. You have no idea how many people have asked me that question since I started college.¬† If it’s not that question specifically,than its one of the many other ones, such as:

“So you don’t want a really job when you graduate, right?”

“You know, I bet I could make that and sell it.”

“That looks like something my toddler made.”

Or my personal favorite, “Art isn’t a real major.”

First off, my major is Art Education which means my degree will be in Studio Art and Education. Not only am I working in the art field, but I am also trying to get my teaching degree and be certified to teach by the time I graduate. Secondly, art is not as easy as people may think. Even abstract art is difficult to make! As an artist, I have to put my own time, energy, and money into each one of my pieces. I make art not only for myself, but also in the hopes that maybe others will like them too. Lastly, do you know how much patience is required to complete a piece? Imagine staring at the same picture, one that you probably chose or created, for days to weeks on end trying to recreate the image in your head in the real world. Believe me there have been point where I wanted to stop, throw my art out a window and continue on my way.

When it all comes down to it, you can still think that my major isn’t hard, but I’m doing something that I love. I’m giving everything I can to get better with each new art class I take. Plus, if you don’t think making art is so hard, why don’t you join my painting class and see what it’s like to make art?