On cloudy gray days, I always make sure to wear something colorful. For the last two years I have dyed my hair just about every color of the rainbow. In Texas, there’s color but its dull. Its used for decoration and doesn’t catch my eye. In Panama, the colors are alive.


The colors here scream for your attention.


They are enchanting and inspiring.


They show you their history and culture.


Even in the color in the city is breath taking.

The way other nations use color is something that I have always been envious of. They know how to make color tell a story and touch a person’s life. In America we use color but it’s just not the same. For us color becomes a extra, a decoration that some of use feel can be left out. Don’t get me wrong, there are beautiful pieces in this world that have no color in them at all. But even then…

What I’m trying to get at here is that in America, we kind of take color for granted. When we use it, color is present. In other places color takes command and is life.

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